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From technical documentation, through production in the highest quality to delivery of the product directly to the customer

20 years of experience

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Metalworking, surface treatment, tool grinding and machine service. Products of the highest quality



Kovoprodukt is on the market since 2001. We transform twenty years of experience into creating products of the highest quality



Our goal is maximum customer satisfaction. But none of this would be possible without the highly-qualified employees you can find in our company

Our work is based on our values

How do we work

In our company we offer a huge range of products, we always supply products in the highest quality and we are accommodating in pricing - these are our values


Technological process

We will prepare a price offer based on the technical documentation supplied by the customer, or we will prepare the technical documentation ourselves


Creation of the product

Our qualified staff can produce the required product in the highest quality, which we can confirm with a measurement protocol made in our measurement center


Delivery to the customer

Upon agreement, we can deliver finished products directly to the customer throughout Slovakia or abroad

Everything under one roof


We offer a wide range of services from metalworking to tool grinding and machine maintenance. Thanks to a wide range of machinery, we can provide a variety of material processing and production processes

  • CNC turning / CNC milling machines
  • Horizontal milling machines
  • Classic turning, milling, drilling, grinding machines
  • Welding workroom
  • Grinding workroom

CNC machining

CNC turning and milling. Creating 3D models of product

Grinding and machines service

Surface and cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, tool grinding, machines service and maintenance

Metal Engineering

Welding CO2, autogene and TiG, bending, stamping, deburring

Classic metalworking

Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, cutting of metal

Surface treatment

Galvanizing, phosphating, nickel plating, heat treatment of metals, hardening, nitriding

We have measuring tools of all ranges


  • 2D measuring tool

    Placed on a special granite plate for the most accurate measurement

  • Calibrated measuring tools

    Hardness testers, roughness tester, 3-point internal micrometer, indicator micrometers, classic micrometers, ... etc

  • ISO certificate

    Our company holds the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for engineering production activities


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Peter Beňo


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Technology lead

Dušan Rodina


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Production lead

Dušan Minár


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Economy lead

Jana Ďatelinková


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Increasing the competitiveness of KOVOPRODUKT

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    The subject of the project is the innovation of key production processes by implementing the most modern technological equipment. The main goal of innovation and modernization is to improve the efficiency and performance of the key technological process, reduce the energy intensity of the production process, create opportunities for the elimination of harmful effects on the environment and thereby contribute to increasing competitiveness and improving the market position

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    Nitrianska 2107/19, 95801 Partizánske

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Since its establishment in 2001, the Kovoprodukt company has been focusing on its original focus as metalworking, grinding, maintenance and repair of machines and locksmith work.

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Nitrianska 2107/19

95801 Partizánske



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