Principal activity

The company KOVOPRODUKT performs metal-working, locksmithery and repair service. We focus also on creation of technical documentation on demands of clients.


  • material division
  • turning
  • milling
  • drilling
  • sharping
    • round
    • flat
    • centreless
    • tools
  • We execute cutting operation, heat treatment and thermochemical treatment of components (cementing, hardening, nitriding, subtilization...). We also do surface treatments � zinc coating, blackening, chromizing, sanding, powdery coating, wet spraying.
  • locksmithery work
  • welding
    • electric arc
    • CO2
    • oxy-acetylene
    • TIG
  • flexion
  • Our specialist perform service of metal-working, wood-working a shaping machines.
  • We have own warehouse of metallurgical material.
  • We prowide also domestic and international traffic.

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